Welcome to my website.  This website is aimed at both promoting my work (written under my own name Phyl Wright, and my pseudonym of Tess Dali), as well as the work of other writers/artists/musicians.  It contains  poems, short stories, music,  art, film stuff, beauty, fashion and some miscellaneous items.  I hope it is the kind of site you can read with a cup of coffee and just take some time out to browse through and relax.   Please note that it is still a work in progress!

Under Contributors' Pages, are poems and short stories from the works of other writers.  Thank you to all who took the time and patience to contribute.

Please check my website at for updates on tuition and creative writing classes.



My name is Phyl Wright and I have written three novels to date.  The first two novels are called Nobody I Know and (the sequel), Somebody Maybe.  My other book, The Band of Loren, is  published under the pen name of Tess Dali and it is suitable for children and young teens (9years - 14 yrs).  All three novels are available from Amazon and from some independent bookstores.  See below for the great offer on The Band of Loren.  


SPECIAL OFFER - A SIGNED COPY OF THE BAND OF LOREN AVAILABLE FOR  £5.50 including p&p WHEN ORDERED FROM  Email me at this link should you wish to purchase this book. If you prefer to read The Band of Loren on Kindle, it is available through Amazon Kindle for £3.99 or £12.49 for the book.  My other books can also be bought via Amazon. 

My three passions in life (apart from my family and friends), are Literature, Music and Art. Literature has always seemed to me to the gateway to other worlds and it remains my first love. Music and Art are favourite indulgences which feed the soul and illuminate the days. 

I have been lucky enough to reach a stage in life where I am able to pursue my desire to write novels and also lucky in finding a publisher who took me on for my first two novels.  Reinvention has always influenced me, how people change their lives, either through chance or circumstance and this is what I have tried to write about in my novels. They incorporate romance (as everyone needs some of that in their lives), and mystery, which hopefully will leave you guessing till the end.   My children's novel is a metaphor for the trials of adolescence.  It has magic, adventure and mystery and I wrote it as the type of book that  children/young adults will identify with.  I have also written a 50 minute screenplay called The Listeners, which is based on an apocryphal story of Russian sleep experiments in the 1940s.  

 Creative Writing Courses

I run creative writing courses for people who want to write but are not sure how to go about it.  The next creative writing course starts in the Autumn 2017. You can attend either in person (location Bearsden G61) or online. The course will focus on what you want to achieve whether it is writing a novel, poetry, blog, travelogue, articles etc. It will provide the tools you need to develop and hone your writing skills. In addition, you can start working on your own personal piece of work during the course so that by the end you will at least have some idea of the direction you wish your writing to take. 

For more information on how to book for the online course, please click on  * 

If you are able to attend the course in person, I can be contacted by email at and full details of the course can be found at the link *above.  Please do not email me at this website, I am only available at the one one mentioned above.

I also  mentor people in person and online who have already written novels, dissertations, essays etc.  Sometimes it is helpful to have someone who will give an objective view on your work and help you edit it.  It took writing my children's book before I realised the pitfalls I fell into with my first two novels and I came to understand that unless you are going to be published by a big publishing company, you need to find someone who will help you proofread and edit your work.  Everyone could use a mentor. Writers always see what they think they have written! I hope to pass on the knowledge that I gained with my two 'trial' novels.

Tutoring is available in English at Higher and Advanced Higher level.  I work with the students at home, finding their strengths and building on these. Email for details.

Please use the menu at the side to check on updates on books, music, film, art, etc.




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